Product Update: Basic Language Support & Minor Fixes — Web App 1.51.8 & Chrome Extension 1.32.21

We are still largely working on our bigger back-end projects related to upgrading our Chrome extension (WCE) code, breaking more of our “monolithic” code structure into microservices and preparing for a database shift from Firebase (which is costing us a lot of money at the moment). However, we have found some time to attend to some smaller improvements that we deployed to our users.


  • We have added Chrome store descriptions of Weava in several new languages, including Arabic, German, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese. Before, we only had Spanish and English. However, please note that these translations are only currently for the Chrome store listing itself, and not translations for the software. However, in the future, we aspire to be able to offer more languages on our software as well.

Bug fixes

  • We have changed our Google Firebase emailer to use our root domain (weavatools.com) instead of verify.weavatools.com which will help avoid certain bugs that some users were experiencing when trying to reset passwords.
  • During this period, we also rolled out a new version of our web app with new internal API keys for enhanced security purposes.
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